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Welcome to the world of share nft, there are many nft platforms at present, but in all nft platforms, you can only get income by investing in nft, and there is no other way. And we, with a different idea, a new reward system, are ready to start a whole new exploration and adventure.
share nft is an innovative nft trading platform that deeply combines NFT, DeFi and staking mining to create a virtual world full of surprises for users. Here, you can not only create, discover and share your own NFTs, you can also get more reward distribution through the synthesis of NFTs, we use the new reward mechanism to find and screen promotion ambassadors to ensure that they can understand our pursuit We have seen so many projects rise, fall and die, and I think we have learned enough lessons.
The fundamental reason why most projects don't last is that they don't allow users to continue to make money, even if it looks interesting. Or we look at this issue from a different angle. Many projects or platforms cannot guarantee not only the user's income, but also the user's principal. Some people say that NFT is a work of art, some people say that it can be used for the distribution of digital assets, and some people say that NFT can be a physical artwork that matches the purchased NFT, it can also be a special access, Events, game items or exclusive memberships.
Qualified, I love that word! Speaking of qualifications, I remember when I was in school when I was a child, students with poor academic performance were not qualified to do many things, but in fact, when I worked, I found that if a person who is not particularly good is entrusted with a heavy responsibility, then he Your work will be more active, harder, and more creative! In this world, many people tell me that you should study hard or work hard first, and then you will receive flowers and applause, and you will be rewarded. In fact, it might be better if we can give people applause and flowers first, or tell him how to work and get reward, because many people work hard without reward, without applause, like many projects, he always Let people share, but many users find that after sharing more users, they cannot guarantee their own benefits, or, this is uncertain, so what is certain? My team and I have been thinking about this question for a long time. First, we need a more reasonable way to earn rewards. Second, we also need a fair system.
The fairness of this system is not only in distribution, but also in that it will not change. So, we developed the share nft platform, and we introduced a new system. The core of the system is that we first tell users that we will give you the qualifications to earn more rewards, and then you can start sharing, no matter who is sharing , each promotion user can get a reward, the harder the user, the more reward. At the same time, we will screen out hundreds of promotion ambassadors, a perfect system will find suitable people, and a lot of rewards will make the promotion ambassadors work harder to promote , all of which you can see in the next content, please continue to read the documentation.
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