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NFT Mining

Classification of NFT mining pools

The NFT mining farm is divided into 4 mining pools, namely N-level pool, S-level pool, SS-level pool and SSS-level pool.

Reward sources for NFT pools

10% of the sale of the token SNT will be exchanged for BNB, and the 10% BNB handling fee generated in the nft trading market transaction will all enter the NFT mining pool in real time, and the proportion of entering the four major mining pools is as follows:
Staking is only allowed if the id number of NFT starts from 3463
New N-level mining pool:5%
New S-level mining pool:15%
New SSN-level mining pool:30%
New SSS-level mining pool:50%
King-level mining pool: This pool is a special reward pool added by the official, and the reward comes from the official operation dividend

NFT Ppool mining rules

Users can pledge NFTs of different levels in their hands to the corresponding NFT mining pools, and they can participate in this round of reward pool distribution if they meet the pledge duration. The reward pool will be rewarded once a day at 12:00 noon. Each mining pool will divide all the BNB in ​​the reward pool according to the weight of the number of cards pledged in the pool. The specific rules are as follows:
  1. 1.
    Calculation method for pledge duration: From 12:00 noon every day to 12:00 noon the next day, users who have pledged for 24 hours (without cancelling the pledge and exiting in the middle) are eligible for the pledge duration and have cancelled the pledge in the middle of the pledge. , if you pledge again, it does not meet the conditions for the pledge duration; if the pledge is continuous for 24 hours, but the duration is not calculated from 12:00 noon on the previous day to 12:00 noon on the current day, it does not meet the requirements for receiving rewards!
  2. 2.
    At 12 noon every day, if 20 NFTs are pledged in N pool, but there are only 10 NFT cards that meet the pledge duration, then these 10 cards will equally divide all BNB in ​​N pool, and those that do not meet the pledge duration NFT will participate in the next round of reward distribution, and the next round of distribution will still check the pledge duration;
  3. 3.
    Suppose there are 10 SSS-level NFT pledges in the SSS mining pool, but only 1 user is eligible for the pledge duration at 12:00 noon when the first reward is issued (other users pledged after 12:00 noon the previous day, so Does not meet the pledge reward time), then this user, one person can exclusively enjoy the BNB reward in the entire SSS pool, which may be as high as dozens of BNB!
  4. 4.
    The NFT pledge can be cancelled at any time without any time limit, but please note that all NFTs that cancel the pledge will lose the right to receive the current 24-hour pledge reward! Pledge again and the timing will be reset.
  5. 5.
    Only NFTs that are correctly pledged in the corresponding level mining pools and meet the pledge duration can receive rewards, and NFTs stored in the trading market or user card packs cannot receive pledged mining rewards!
  6. 6.
    The rewards of the NFT mining pool are issued once a day. The longer the staking time, the more rewards you receive, and the more staking rewards you get.