Share NFT

NFT transaction rates

ShareNft Trading Market Rules

The Share NFT trading market only supports the use of BNB for transactions. Successfully selling NFT will deduct 10% of the BNB earned by the seller as the handling fee. The deducted handling fee will be injected in the proportion and order of 10%, 20%, 30% and 40%. N-level, S-level, SS-level, and SSS-level mining pools are used for NFT pledge mining rewards.

ShareNft Trading Market Development

The Share NFT trading market will cooperate with different project parties in the later stage to help them carry out NFT pre-sale (the handling fee rewards obtained from the pre-sale will all be injected into share's four major pledge mining reward pools). At the same time, we support all users to hold their own The NFTs of different projects are traded on the share platform, and even users can make NFTs for sale. Of course, all NFT transaction fees are still 10% and will be injected into the four major mining pools in real time.