Share NFT

Promotion ambassador

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    Definition of promotion ambassador: A user who owns an SSS-level NFT is called a promotion ambassador, because each time the promotion ambassador invites a user to use the share nft platform to conduct NFT transactions, he can get huge benefits! Different from other platforms or projects, we let users know in advance what role he is and what proportion of the reward distribution he can get. I think everyone has had enough. It is obvious that they worked hard but did not make any profit. All principal is lost. We believe that everyone is excellent. He may just need a stage or a qualification. When you have an SSS-level NFT, you have the qualification. We also believe that you have the desire to share!
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    With the development of the project, we will have 10, 50, or even 100 promotion ambassadors, and they are all benefit gainers and maintainers, I believe they will work hard to share this platform, as our name is , share nft, it is our wish to let everyone come to share nft to trade nft, and it is our ideal to let more people get more rewards.
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    We know that more people trade NFT in opensea, on or babylons, but there, you can't get any fee rewards except selling your NFT or buying NFT, and in Share nft , you can get rewards for all user transaction fees! So, how do you choose? Join now and become an ambassador, or come and trade here later?
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    Each promotion ambassador with sss-level nft can get all the airdrops of the nft pre-sale that the platform cooperates with. The specific airdrops are allocated according to the number of promotion ambassadors. The fewer the promotion ambassadors, the more each person gets.
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    Finally, please look forward to our follow-up release to promote the ambassador's larger reward program.