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survivor game

1、How to get S7 cards

Participate in the S7 card pre-sale, or cast it after the game starts. Note that each address can only have one S7 card, if a wallet address already has one, then that address cannot buy or mint, please pay attention!

There are three benefits to participating in the card pre-sale:

1.The casting cost is lower during the sale period, 10% off the original price
2.Chance to get higher level cards during pre-sale
3. Pre-sale casting can get an invitation link in advance to develop the team

S7 card early bird pre-sale rules:

In the early bird period, you only need to pay 10% off the cost of casting S7 game cards. The original price is 100u, and you only need to pay 90u. The quota for the early bird period is 1,000. All cards are level one, and the minting price will revert to $100.
Participate in the S7 early bird pre-sale to have the opportunity to obtain higher-level cards. 999 cards are cast and randomly assigned to different levels, of which 700 are first-level, 200 second-level, and 99 third-level cards. I hope you will become a Lucky bird, good luck!
S7 games have invitation rewards to motivate users to invite more friends to join our games, but you must have a card to activate your invitation link, so if you participate in the card pre-sale, you can get the invitation link in advance to form Team, so get a head start and earn more rewards, our game rules are fun and every user you invite can bring you a reward.

2 、game rules

S7 is a survivor game with a knockout system. The game field is an isolated island. Every challenger needs to log in to the isolated island (S7 cards are a pass, and the pledged cards can be landed on the island). Every 10 people log in, The survivor game starts automatically. 10 players compete for survival resources. In each round, the system randomly eliminates 3 participants and destroys the cards of these 3 participants, which means that in each round, each player has a 70% winning rate. The level of the card will be increased by one level (Note: This is a 24-hour non-stop game, as long as 10 people log in on the island, the game will start immediately, and 3 players will be randomly eliminated) (In addition, if you want to continue the challenge after each game is over, you can choose the automatic game mode, which means that if you upgrade the current game, you will automatically enter the next game. If you do not choose the automatic game mode, after each game ends, no matter Win or lose, you will automatically exit the Survivor game)
At the end of each game, because three players are eliminated, there are 300 US dollars that can be used for distribution. The distribution is as follows:
①The 7 winning players will each receive a $20 reward in real time
②60 USD for promotion reward: 3 inviters who are out of the game, each can get 20 USD as a reward
③USD 70 is used to add game rewards. At the end of each round, USD 70 will be automatically transferred to three reward pools in a ratio of 1:2:4
④Transfer USD 30 to the marketing wallet for project operation

3、Introduction to Card Levels and Reward Pools

①Cards with card level 7≤X<10 are called lucky ones
②Cards with card level 10≤X<15 are called Lucky Stars
③Cards with card level ≥ 15 are called survivors
The reward pool is divided into three, corresponding to the three levels of cards, namely Lucky, Lucky Star, and Survivor. The distribution ratio of the three reward pools is 1:3:6
S7 high-level cards will be charged a 10% handling fee when receiving rewards from the reward pool, and 100% of the handling fee will be automatically added to the SNT farm

4、Card recycling rules

①Active recycling of S7 game cards has an automatic recycling function. The recycling price will be recycled according to 100USDT per piece. If you want to quit the game, find the recycling button and transfer the card. The system will automatically change the card to u, and then transfer it to you. Please note that a 10% recycling fee will be charged for card recycling (Note: Only cards of level 2 and above can be recycled, that is, NFT cards must participate in a game and win to level 2 before they are eligible to be recycled, otherwise they cannot be recycled. for recycling)
②Passive Recycling When the player's S7 game card level reaches level 7 or above, he is eligible to receive the game mining pool reward from the corresponding mining pool. If a player reaches level 7 first, he can receive the lucky mine pool at one time. All rewards, of course, he can wait for the reward pool to continue to accumulate, and he can claim it when the amount of the reward pool satisfies him. However, once he receives the reward, in addition to the reward will be credited immediately, his S7 card will be automatically forced by the system Recycling, so please think carefully before claiming, if you still want to continue taking risks and get higher rewards, please do not claim mining pool rewards! certainly. We do not advise players to stop taking risks, and they are safe, and we also do not advise players to move forward bravely. Everyone please make their own choices. Of course, when your level reaches the conditions for receiving the reward pool, you can claim it at any time. However, please note that, There may be new competitors anytime and anywhere. If you don't claim it at the first time, it may be claimed by someone else soon.
③10% distribution of the handling fee charged for card recycling: 100% automatically enter the snt marketing wallet for snt repurchase

5、market place

①S7 cards can only be traded on the Share nft trading platform, and a 10% transaction fee will be charged for the transaction, all of which will be used to add the snt mining pool.
② Every time the promoted user successfully casts S7 cards, it is judged as an effective promotion. If the promoted user is eliminated, the promoter account will automatically receive 20u rewards. The more times the promoted user is eliminated, the more rewards the promoter account will receive.