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H2 series card game

H2 series card game rules:

Legend has it that there is a magical hut in the depths of the magical forest. There is a treasure map left by the king of the ancient kingdom in the hut. Many adventurers who come here want to get it. However, in order to enter this hut, one must hold King's token N, it can be minted with 10,000 SNT, or purchased from the mysterious share market. When the number of people entering the hut reaches 7, the treasure map will appear. However, in order to obtain the treasure map, 7 people There must also be a brutal fight, and only the victor can take the treasure map.
When the number of people meets the requirements, the game starts automatically. Each adventurer first goes to the wooden table of the hut to place the N card. After placing the N card, everyone will get a blind box out of thin air, but no one knows what is in the blind box. After all 7 people have obtained the blind boxes in turn, the last person will open all the blind boxes, each blind box has two different results, it will display YES or NO.
Everyone's display is different, count the results of 7 people, a few people who show it win, for example, the result of showing YES and NO is 1:6, then the person who shows YES wins, and he will get all the tokens (n ​​cards) of the losing player, In each game, one n card is automatically destroyed to the black hole, and the remaining cards are all obtained by the winner, or divided equally by the winner (when the winner is 2 or 3), and the n card is distributed to the winner in real time.